1000-23 Felling Head


The Naarva-Grip is an effective combination of a loading grapple and a felling head. It is highly suited for energy wood harvesting as well as all kinds of land clearing and thinning operations. Felling, collecting, bucking and loading of trees, brush and stumps can be done with the Naarva-Grip. The versatile Naarva line can be used on tractors, forwarders, compact excavators and also on trucks. The Naarva-Grip can be installed on existing log loaders or mini-excavators without any additional hydraulic hoses. The Naarva-Grip is installed in the place of the grapple or bucket. It gets its hydraulic power from the open-close circuit of the grapple or the bucket curl circuit of the mini-excavator.

The guillotine can cut the stumps close to the ground. Low stumps save tires, and add to the wood volume. The blade of the guillotine is made from Hardox steel. Hardox is prime material, and if the edge gets a nick, it can be repaired, because Hardox is weldable. The blade is almost service free, and it can be sharpened with a normal grinder. The Naarva felling head is suited for stands where chainsaws cannot be used and where scissors type cutting is ineffective. The Naarva-Grip is an easy-to-use and productive tool.

The cutting capacity is for conifers. When harvesting hardwoods the cutting capacity is 30% less.


Technical Specs

440 lbs
Max Cutting Diameter
Height in Felling Position
Grapple Opening
Working Pressure
2460-2900 psi
Recommended Oil Flow
10-18 GPM