1500-25EH Felling Head


Excerpt from the operators manual. It is assumed that the Naarva Grip has been hooked up in the place of an excisting log grapple of a log loader. On a compact excavator one can plug into the thumb cicuit, thus making hookup to a quick coupler easier. It is also assumed that a three button control unit which comes with the Naarva Grip, has been installed.


The Naarva grip is hooked to the two lines that open and close the original log grapple.

The Naarva Grip is operated with the same levers as the original log grapple. When you do not engage the solenoid valves, everything works as before.
If the switches for tilt and cutting are not used Naarva-Grip works as a normal grapple. The switches control the functions for tilt, cutting and grapple locking. The switch for tilt controls the felling angle of the grapple (between 0-90 degrees) and the second switch is used for cutting. The third switch and valve is for the upper accumulating arms. The grapple does not work when this button is pressed. The valve closes the grapple line.


When you want to fell a tree you must place the Naarva-Grip upright. You do this by pressing the tilt button and simultaneously you open the Naarva-Grip with the original lever, which opens and closes the grapple.


You can now use the grapple to delimb the standing tree by lifting the Naarva-Grip toward the top of the tree while the grapple jaws are loosely hugging the stem.


You can now lower the Naarva-Grip towards the ground and cut. You cut the tree by pressing the cutting button and simultaneously close Naarva-Grip with the original grapple lever. The guillotine support arms will close around the stem, and then the blade will push forward and shear off the tree. When you reverse the oil flow, the blade retracts.

When cutting a tree, never lift or lower the loader simultaneously , because that would cause the blade to bend or become damaged.


Turning the rotator in the desired direction, and pushing the tilt button and opening the close grapple function enables the dropping of the tree.

If you wish to open the guillotine arms but keep the loading grapple closed; push the bottom button while engaging the grapple lever. The guillotine arms will open but the grapple will remain closed.

CAUTION! After cutting the tree, fell it as soon as possible to avoid tilt cylinder damage.


The accumulation of the material is done thus: Close the loading grapple. Then push the button which closes the accumulating arms. To cut the next tree, open the loading grapple and the accumulating arms still grip the previous tree. When the loading grapple is closed around the next tree open and close the accumulating arms so they surround the new stem.


Technical Specs

950 lbs
Max Cutting Diameter
Height in Felling Position
Grapple Opening
Accumulator Opening
Working Pressure
2460-2900 psi
Recommended Oil Flow
13-23 GPM