Farmi JL 290 Skidding Winch


The Farmi JL290 skidding winches convert your tractor into a productive forest machine. The winch has a butt plate which can also be used for pushing snow and logs around the landing. The winch mechanism is modular. This unique Farmi feature makes service and maintenance easy because the entire winch mechanism can be taken out from the frame by removing 6 bolts.



Height 51 1/2"
Width 39"
Shipping Weight 370 lbs
Pulling Capacity 6600 lbs
Winching Speed 156 ft of 5/16" cable
Clutch 40-200 ft per minute
Power Transmission Mechanical friction plate clutch with heat sink
Mounting Universal shaft from tractor
Tractor Size To Category I or II 3-point hitch
  Min. 17 HP, Max 30 HP