Farmi JL 351PHD and JL 501HD
Skidding Winches


The Farmi winch hooks up to the universal type quick attach skid steer plates. The winch is powered by oil flow from the skid steer. The winch is supplied with hoses which hook up to the skid steer. The hoses have pipe threads and do not have quick couplers to match the quick couplers on the skid steer. (Too many different standards out there.) The operator operates the winch not from the skid steer loader’s seat but from a safe position on the side of the winch. The winch has two control ropes. One rope controls the pulling and the other controls the drum brake. The operator can stand safely to the side, away from the cable and the logs. The operator engages the clutch by pulling the control rope.  The harder one pulls on the rope, the more the winch pulls.  One can start and stop the pull at any time.

The clutch control rope runs through a swivel on top of the winch,therefore, the winch can be operated from any direction. This is an important feature for the operator as he can move to either side and control the winch from a position where he can see the load as he is pulling it in. The clutch enables the operator to select any pull from zero to maximum pull of the winch. The clutch will slip when the load is heavier than the selected pull.   This prevents damage to the cable or winch, even if the load gets hooked behind a stump or root.


The clutch has a 5 year warranty.

A new clutch can be riveted on the old sprocket so the clutch is easy and inexpensive to replace. The massive upper sprocket acts as a heat sink and absorbs the heat which is generated in the clutch when winching, so the clutch will not burn out.

The winch frame is high. The high point of pull is very beneficial, because it generates down-pressure on the winch when winching. The down-pressure pushes the blade into the ground which anchors the winch and skid steer in place. Four trees can be winched in one hitch. After the trees are winched in, one can pull them around by slipping the cable under the lower snatch block.

Clutch adjustment, brake adjustment, replacing the cable and all other service can be done without any disassembly of the winch. Repair of the winch is also very easy because the entire winch mechanism can be removed in one piece after removal of six (easy to get to) bolts.

The winch has a built in dozer blade. The blade can be used to stack logs on the landing, open trails, or clear snow.

Technical Specs: JL 351PHD JL 501HD
Height: 77 1/2" 94"
Width: 48" 55"
Shipping Weight: 750 lbs. 950 lbs.
Pulling Capacity: 7720 lbs. 11025 lbs.
Drum Capacity: 165 ft. of 3/8" cable Sold with 165" of 1/2" cable with option of up to 265' of 3/8" cable
Winching Speed: 40-200 ft. per minute 60 to 300 ft. per minute
Clutch: Mechanical friction plate clutch with heat sink Mechanical friction plate clutch with heat sink
Mounting: Bob Cat Quick Attach Plate Bob Cat Quick Attach Plate
Power Transmission: Hydralic Oil from Skidster Hydralic Oil from Skidster
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