Farmi JL 501 Skidding Winch


The Farmi JL 501 skidding winch represents the medium capacity in the Farmi winch line. The body, components and all structural parts have been designed with a view to maximum operational comfort and durability, without forgetting the necessary safety features.

Thanks to the famous Farmi clutch system and new drum design, the clutch grips and releases smoothly, and the logs move evenly without jerking.

The unique Farmi sensor, coiler and brake system increases cable life and user convenience. The chainsaw standard the two tool trays are features the professionals appreciate.


The clutch control rope runs through a swivel on top of the winch, therefore it can be operated from any direction.  This is an important  feature for the operator as he can control the winch from a place where he can see the load as it is being pulled it in.  Good vision will enable the operator to prevent loads from hooking up behind stumps and roots, thus  reducing damage on the remaining trees.

This feature also enhances operator safety and production.   Without leaving the tractor seat, one can release the load, drive out of adverse conditions and winch the load in again.  When winching from the tractor seat, one must have the optional protective screen installed between the winch and the operator.   The clutch enables the operator to select any pull from zero to maximum pull of the winch.  The clutch will slip when the load is heavier than the selected pull.   This prevents damage to the cable or winch even if the load gets hooked behind a stump or root.


Both the clutch and the drum lock are rope controlled.   The operator can stand safely to the side, away from the cable and the logs.

The clutch pads are over 3/8" thick and riveted with 12 rivets.  The clutch is warranted for 5 years in everyday use.  A new clutch can be riveted on the old sprocket, so the clutch is easy and inexpensive to replace.  The sturdy upper sprocket acts as a heat sink and absorbs the heat generated in the clutch when winching, so the clutch will not burn out.

Four logs can be winched in and skidded out hooked to the cable.  An additional eight logs can be hooked up and skidded out from the notches on the winch frame.

    The large, heavy-duty drum can house up to 265 feet of 3/8" cable.  This exceptional reach enables the JL 501 to be used also in very difficult terrain.

    The cable coils are better, due to the improved design of the winch drum.  Even coiling is further improved by the sensor roller which senses if the cable is moving in or out.  For example, the cable is pulled out, the sensor releases the drum brake, thus making it easy to pull the cable.  When the cable has been pulled out, the sensor notes that the cable motion has stopped and engages the drum brake.  That stops the drum from turning and prevents backlash and tangle of the cable on the drum.

    The winch frame is 65" high.  The high point of pull is very beneficial as it creates down-pressure on the winch when winching.  The down-pressure pushes the blade into the ground which anchors the winch and tractor in place.  The frame is also "thin" so the winch is close to the tractor.   Large net loads can therefore be skidded out as the weight is close to the tractor.   ROPS cab, and front end weights or front end loader is a must.

     A unique Farmi feature is the adjustable snatch block on the JL 501 model.  The lower snatch block can be adjusted up or down on a rail so optimal traction can be transferred to the rear wheels on different size tractors.

Pulling Capacity:  11025 lbs.
Drum Capacity:  265' of 3/8" cable
Winch is sold with:  165' of ½" cable, three keyhole sliders, and an end-hook
Winching speed: 1 to 5 ft. per second
Height:  65"
Width:  55"
Weight:  630 lbs.
Tractor size:  40-60 hp.
Mounting: To either category I or II 3-point hitch.
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