Farmi JL 85 Skidding Winch


Winch is sold with 165' of 9/16" cable.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Upper and Lower pulley.
  • Two built in tool box.
  • Combined bulldozer stacking blade and notched skidding beam.
  • Protection grill between winch and tractor.

Farmi winches are the best that money can buy - in any currency. They are the result of:

  • continuous research and development for twenty years;
  • feedback of practical experience from users in numerous countries;
  • up-to-date technical knowledge of materials and manufacturing methods.

The latest models maintain the long established FARMI aim of meeting the prime needs of forestry winch operators - low cost to buy and to work, efficient and safe in all conditions, robust to ensure long life, and easy to operate at high production rates.

The FARMI JL 85, with a line pull of 19,300 lbs, has been designed for tree length logging of big trees. It is the most powerful single drum winch in the FARMI line. It is hooked up to the 3-pt. linkage of a suitable tractor cf 100 H.P. or more. The FARMI 85 uses 9/16" wire rope. The clutch automatically slips when the rated capacity of 17,640 lbs. is reached. The clutch setting is easily adjusted if required.

The JL 85 is as simple and as safe to mount and to operate as the smaller models in the FARMI line. The main features of this powerful winch include:

  • Large diameter upper and lower pulleys to ensure long life for the wire rope;
  • Heavy duty for use as butt-plate and a notched beam;
  • Operation with ropes from either side of the winch or from inside the tractor cab.

The drum has an automatic brake which locks the drum when the clutch is disengaged. It is automatically released in order to permit the wire rope to be pulled out or to allow a load to be temporarily dropped during skidding. The manual release is automatically overcome as soon as the clutch is engaged again to start winching.

Every Farmi winch has a 5 year warranty on its clutch.

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