LC900 Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper


A Chipper for Professional Use

The LC900 wood chipper is designed for efficient and safe disposal of stems, branches and bush in any area. The chips can be blown into a truck or back onto the ground. The chipper is fed from the right side so the feed is close to the material to be chipped.

The aggressive power feed makes the LC900 the perfect machine for Christmas tree disposal.

A Chipper For Orchards

The LC900 is easy to use in orchards. It can be maneuvered between narrow rows as neither the feed nor the discharge chutes stick out beyond the width of the tractor.

Ease of Operation

The low feeding point ensures effortless feeding of the chipper. The operator can stand with a straight back. The discharge direction is adjustable 360 degrees. The chipper is easy to move between locations as the feed chute will fold up so it will not stick outside the width of the tractor.

The chipper stands up by itself on the ground and is easy to hook up or remove from the tractor.


Compare Wallenstein LC900

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Power Requirements

Due to the inertia of the heavy and large rotor, power units down to 50HP can be used. About 7 HP is required for every inch of round wood diameter.

Safety Features

The Chipper Company chippers do not have any knife motion toward the operator-this reduces the risk of loose material flying back through the feed chute.

The knives are counter sunk into the disk, so the stress of chipping is absorbed by the entire backside of the knife, not just the knife bolts.

The discharge height is 10' above ground so the discharge is above eye level. To accomplish safe operation in various wind directions, the chipper's discharge direction is adjustable 360 degrees.

The deflector bonnet enables placing the chips near or far. The LC series chippers also have several noise-reducing features. The discharge opening is above ear level. It is adjustable and can be directed away from the operator. The hydraulic feed rollers cover the feed opening, thus reducing the noise level. The air intake is on the tractor side so the noise from the chipping is directed away from the operator.

Hydraulic Power Feed

The hydraulic feed is powered from the outlets on the tractor. The operator can select feed, stop and reverse from the bar on top of the feed chute. The turning speed of the rollers is continuously adjustable from a knob on the hydraulic valve. The bottom feed roller is fixed. The top roller is spring loaded. The spring tension is adjustable. The material is squeezed between the two rollers

The hydraulic feed chutes are close to the ground so quite heavy trees can be manually fed into the chipper.

Minimum oil requirement is 4 GPM; maximum 18 GPM. The oil might heat up if the reservoir is small. If the oil reservoir is under 10 gallons, the operator should check for eventual overheating. An oil cooler should be installed on the return line in case of overheating.

The feed rollers of the LC900 PTO wood chipper are powered by two 24 cu inch hydraulic motors. They provide a combined 10 HP of pulling power. The bottom feed roller is fixed in place. The top feed roller had a hinge and it climbs on top of the stem and pulls it to the knives. There is a large spring (seen in the middle of the picture) which puts down pressure on the top feed roller so it bites into the stem. The down pressure can be adjusted to the users' needs by changing the springs location on the lever.

Hydraulic Power Feed


Disk Diameter(inches) 41
Output (cu yd/hr) 17-40
Chip Size(inches) ¾
Capacity(inches) 9
Power Requirement(hp) 40-100
PTO Input 540 or 1000
Disk Rotation Speed(rpm) 540/1000
Drive Direct
Bearings High Speed Spherical Roller
Knives 2 Stationary
Secondary Cutter Standard
Twig Breakers & Air Vents Standard
Anvils 2 Adjustable
Power Source Tractor Power Take-off
Linkage 3-Point Cat I/II
Discharge Rotation 360 Degrees
Feed Options Hydraulic
Hydraulic Feed Rollers Double
Chipper Weights  
Manual Feed(lbs) n/a
Hydraulic Feed(lbs) 1700
Disk Weight(lbs) 350