R6 Hanging Rotators


The R6 is a continuous rotation rotator where the oil to open and close the grapple is run through the rotator to the outlets on the axle. The rotator has a grease fitting for hookup pin of the hanger. The hose guard protects the hoses from damage.

• The R6 rotator can be used to replace the GV6RF, as the bolt-on dimension is the same on the two rotators.


Technical Specs

Unlimited in Either Direction
Max Load
13,000 lbs
Max Working Pressure
3600 psi
1180 ft lb / 2900 psi
105 lbs
Pin Size
1 3/8"

Technical Specs

A) Width of Block
3.175" (80.5 mm)
B) Upper Pinhole

1.378" (35 mm)

C) Axle Diameter
6.8" (173 mm)
D) Lower Pinhole
E) Height
11.417" (290 mm)
JIC 3/4" 16
Distance between Bolts
6.811" (173 mm)
Bold Diameter
3/8" (16 mm)