SG36HD Stone Grapple


This grapple has a two prong jaw on one side, and a single jaw on the other. The jaws and the wear plates are made out of Hardox steel.

Besides lifting stones, this grapple can also be used for the handling of logs. The form of the jaws is such that the grab also penetrates into piles of brush or logging slash. The wear plates and the sturdy jaws enable the grapple also be used in the handling of building debris. The design of the grapple makes it an all-around utility grapple.

• Modern bypass grapple design.

• All Valby grapples have a bronze bushing at every joint, and every joint has a grease fitting.

• The Valby grapples have large, powerful cylinders with heavy pistons.

• Double connection rods provide good balance and less stress.

• A belly plate protects the cylinder from underneath.

• All Valby grapples have easily accessible grease fitting.

• The Valby bypass grapples have excellent geometry. The form of the claws enables a smooth roll in of the stems enabling controlled release of loads.. The grapples also close to a tight minimum opening.


Technical Specs

Max Openings
Min Openings
1 1/2"
Max Lifting Capacity
2860 lbs
Height Open
Height Closed
14 1/2"
Width of Wider Claw
10 1/4"
Working Pressure
2900 psi
Jaw Material
149 lbs
Recommended Rotator
Gripping Force
6630 ft/lbs